Platform Fitness Gym is a CrossFit and Functional Fitness space that aims to get you moving safely and to teach you independence when it comes to body awareness and training for life. Our team of experienced coaches will help you improve your current lifestyle for the long run. 


We are aware of every persons abilities that come into our gym through our assessments once you join our beginners class. We will guide you through correct movements before adding any intensity or load. We design our classes to help you learn a new skill at least every day, and practice those skill during the workout. The skills that you will learn through our programming will translate into your daily life, picking up shopping bags, walking with the shopping bags for 400m across the mall, picking up items and placing them onto high shelves, stepping over the box and reaching for something. Everything we do in Platform is intentional to make you better at life! 


We take our coaching ethics seriously. We make sure that our members move safely with awareness and intention before adding any kind of intensity or volume. Everything that is programmed can be scaled to suit your specific abilities, whatever it may be. We will build your confidence and independence with every class that you attend, to ensure that you come back ready to get fitter and stronger!


We are very proud of the community that we have built in two years, we switched to a ladies only facility after observing that it is what our women need. We are very supportive and educational, we run yearly events, workshops, seminars and the only gym that hosts ladies only competition in the UAE for two years in a row. 



  • Ground floor: Dedicated for those who love to lift heavy and smash CrossFit WODs. Olympic Lifting platform strips for our weekly Weightlifting Classes and a newly added rig.

  • First floor: We’ve dedicated this wide space for beginners and personal training. The more than enough space to run a class of 20-25!

  • Our chill out area with high stools, enough space for you to have your post workout meal, get some work or homework done as well!

  • All the equipment, bands, bars, plates, balls, dumbbells and kettlebells to go around. We also have sleds, sandbags, d-balls, farmers carry handles and fat bars.

  • Free Wi-Fi.

  • Our bathrooms are spacious, squeaky clean and don’t you worry about shampoo, conditioner, shower gels or towels. Everything’s provided!

  • Last but not least, our retail store is always updated with the latest branded tops, newest Crossfit goodies and highest quality of supplements.