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Our proud founder, Shaikha, has worked with many women across the UAE, and has been a part of Ladies Day events since 2014. She has been educating women on the importance of health and fitness as well as offering guidance on easier and simpler ways to a healthier lifestyle.

Our Ladies Day event aims to provide you information that can help you understand health, nutrition and fitness better. We aim to provide you with tools to apply daily to keep you on track with your nutrition, sleep and performance. 

We are also offering workshops from how to track your food, handstands, mobility and yoga. Our special guests Ine Andersson from Desert Barbel, Allie McLaughlin and January Corteza from Rad Roller Team in the UAE. Ine, a former gymnast and currently a competitive weightlifter and coach based out of Desert Barbel will be hosting a one hour handstand workshop. Allie and January are well known mobility queens in the UAE, spreading knowledge and tools that you can apply to keep your body supple, healthy and injury free, they will be running a mobility and yoga session at the end of the day!


We have found a big hole in the market that offers practical learning for ladies only. Our founder, Shaikha, has found success with organizing ladies events and is passionate about continuing education for women to better themselves and live a healthier lifestyle through independent learning that they can also pass onto friends and family. 


We want you to understand nutrition principles for weight loss, muscle gain and performance. Lifestyle and it’s influences on body composition. Stress, cortisol and gut health. Setting realistic goals and taking action. 


  • Can I register if I have never done fitness before?

    • Yes! We have more than enough coaches around to ensure that everything is scaled for each individual.

  • Can I join in without taking part in the activities?

    • Yes, you can. However the payment is non refundable and non discounted. You will have to pay access to the full day.

  • Are there toilets and showers?

    • Yes, we have two showers and two toilets available for use.

  • Are there towels provided?

    • Yes, we have towels, you are welcome to bring your own as well.

  • Will there be food provided?

    • No, we understand that every individual has their own preferences when it comes to food, we did not want to limit your options. We have menus in the gym for healthy food restaurants you can choose from, or order through a delivery app.

  • Can I walk in on the day of the event?

    • We have limited spaces available for the event. It would be better to register before hand to secure a space for yourself.


Please fill in the form below. There are limited spaces for this event, it will be on a first come first served spaces. Members will pay 150 AED, non members pay 250 AED. You can pay cash or credit on the day of the event.

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